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We create custom graphics for streamers so they can improve the quality and professionalism of their stream in order to grow.  This includes logos, twitch panels, twitch overlays, twitch alerts, twitch emotes, twitch offline screens, webcam overlays, animations such as animated starting screens to display as your stream is beginning and many more. Anything you need for your stream, we have got you covered! We specialise in a minimal and professional style of artwork. This differs from the usual gaming and esports related branding you might normally see. Check out our portfolio if you want to see some of our recent work or place an order by filling out a short form here.  






Custom made logos specifically for your stream. A logo is the core aspect to your channels branding! Check out our Twitch logo designs in our portfolio!

Twitch overlays that give your stream a professional looking touch. Display things like your recent followers or donations! Webcam Overlays available too!

Get a custom Twitch emote designed for your channel that your subscribers can use. We can do various styles but check our portfolio out to see the kind we usually make.

Nothing looks more professional than your very own custom animated design.Starting screens, intermission screens and more. 

Get custom Twitch alerts created that match your branding. These are the things that pop up on screen when someone follows, donates, subscribes or hosts. 


All pricing is dependent on the exact request of customers. Different design ideas take different amounts of time. Every project is unique and so is the price. Getting a price for your project is easy. Just fill out a short form below and we will get back to you!


If you don't have the budget or you are not quite ready to get your own custom Twitch branding but still want a clean, professional look on your channel then don't worry. You can download a bunch of premade graphics for your channel here. We have plenty of designs to suit your style. 



We will always meet our deadlines and include you along the entire process. We have worked with hundreds of streamers and gamers


Reasonable prices for custom twitch graphics and cheaper options in our premade store. Get a quote for a twitch graphics package today

Custom Designs

Perfect for anyone who wants a unique channel and to stand apart from the crowd. Custom logos, overlays, alerts, panels, animations and twitch emotes

Safe & Secure

All transactions and payments are made through PayPal. It is a safe network and works best for both us and you. You can also pay on PayPal with your debit and credit card


The graphics we provide will work perfectly on all software including StreamLabs, OBS and XSplit. We optimise all image resolutions so they look crisp and clean on all platforms

Premade Designs

Perfect for people who are on a budget but still want a professional looking channel. Browse dozens of Twitch graphics, twitch overlays and more in our store 


"If you ever need Twitch graphics, StreamShark is definitely a great option. Great customer service and great



"I've ordered Twitch graphics here twice and both times have been exactly what I envisioned. The graphics give my stream a fun and professional look!"


"StreamShark had the perfect, simple and refined look I wanted. The process was quick, painless and involved great customer support in patience and flexibility!"